National Vocational Certificate in Livestock Production (Level 3)

All the unit standards listed below are required.

Unit No.Unit Standard TitleLevelCredits
Unit ID: 1361Appraise livestock33
Unit ID: 1362Coordinate feed and supplement provision for
Unit ID: 1363Coordinate livestock husbandry34
Unit ID: 1364Coordinate movement of livestock34
Unit ID: 1366Maintain livestock health35
Unit ID: 1394Prevent and respond to wildfire34
Unit ID: 1309Demonstrate knowledge of crop agriculture in
Unit ID: 1378Operate farm vehicles, tractors and stationary
Unit ID: 1391Maintain Workshop equipment32
Unit ID: 1343Coordinate construction, repair and maintenance
tasks for farm fences, crush pens and kraals
Unit ID: 1344Coordinate construction and maintenance tasks
for farm roads and firebreaks
Unit ID: 1328Demonstrate an understanding of farm enterprise
Unit ID: 1332Coordinate workforce deployment in agriculture34
Unit ID: 1333Use workplace English in agricultural production32
Unit ID: 1335Maintain agricultural records34
Unit ID: 1334Sell farm produce32
Unit ID 1158Apply basic entrepreneurship skills15
Unit ID: 1329Demonstrate knowledge of the livestock industry
in Namibia
Unit ID: 1395Coordinate tasks to reduce problem animals in farming34
Unit ID: 1397Coordinate tasks to manage undesirable plant
encroachment in rangeland
Unit ID: 1398Coordinate tasks for optimum utilisation of


A minimum of 20 credits is required from the following unit standards.

Unit No.Unit Standard TitleLevelCredits
Unit ID: 1365Maintain farm animal housing environment33
Unit ID: 1376Demonstrate knowledge of Swakara pelt traits for marketing35
Unit ID: 1377Describe Swakara34
Unit ID: 1368Manage lactation cycles in dairy animals32
Unit ID: 1306Apply pest, disease, disorder and weed treatments24
Unit ID: 1322Demonstrate knowledge of the structure, functions and nutrition of crop plants33
Unit ID: 1314Report pests, diseases, disorders and weeds in crops23
Unit ID: 1380Operate simple irrigation systems23
Unit ID:1342Maintain farm roads22
Unit ID: 1339Carry out repairs and maintenance of basic energy structures on the farm32


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