All the unit standards listed below are required.

Unit No.Unit Standard TitleLevelCredits
Unit ID: 1872Use, clean and maintain Cosmetology tools, equipment’s and environment13
Unit ID: 1873Perform shampooing and conditioning16
Unit ID: 1874Apply sanitation and sterilisation to work environment, equipment and tools15
Unit ID: 1875Demonstrate elementary hairstyling techniques14
Unit ID: 1864Demonstrate the knowledge of hand and foot care28
Unit ID: 1865Conduct facial and cleansing services29
Unit ID: 1866Provide basic reception and administrative service in the cosmetology environment29
Unit ID: 1867Conduct client consultation in the Cosmetology environment28
Unit ID: 1868Prepare the working area in the Cosmetology industry26
Unit ID: 1869Demonstrate basic knowledge of skin anatomy and colour theory28
Unit ID: 1870Demonstrate basic knowledge of nail care29
Unit ID: 1871Perform basic make-up service28
Unit ID: 843Provide Basic First Aid13
Unit ID: 1158Apply basic entrepreneurship skills15
Unit ID: 1156Apply fundamental computer literacy skills18
Unit ID: 1157Demonstrate basic knowledge of workplace health and safety17
Unit ID: 1154Apply basic financial literacy skills14
Unit ID: 1155Demonstrate basic knowledge of HIV and AIDS16
Unit ID: 1151Interact with others in a workplace environment15
Unit ID: 1152Use workplace documents15

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