All the unit standards listed below are required.

Unit No.Unit Standard TitleLevelCredits
Unit ID: 2228Maintain forced induction systems412
Unit ID: 2229Repair automatic transmissions and transaxles410
Unit ID: 2230Repair axles, drive lines, shafts and final drives412
Unit ID: 2231Repair clutches, manual transmissions and transaxles412
Unit ID: 2232Repair diesel engine and fuel injection management
Unit ID: 2233Repair electronic ignition systems411
Unit ID: 2234Repair four and all-wheel drive systems and controls410
Unit ID: 2235Repair electronic fuel injection systems412
Unit ID: 2237Repair pneumatic and electronic controlled brake systems49
Unit ID: 2238Repair power shift transmissions412
Unit ID: 2240Overhaul heavy duty diesel engines414
Unit ID: 2241Repair heavy duty clutches and manual transmissions412
Unit ID: 2226Overhaul engines415
Unit ID: 735Establish a business as part of entrepreneurship operations412
Unit ID: 736Implement, control and monitor business operations415
Unit ID: 892Apply knowledge of intermediate mathematics in different
Unit ID: 896Apply advanced knowledge of engineering science in
different contexts
Unit ID: 902Apply knowledge of advanced engineering drawing in
different contexts
Unit ID: 2236Apply basic knowledge of trucks and buses45
Unit ID: 2242Apply basic knowledge on farming and construction plant
Unit ID: 2243Repair hydrostatic drives48
Unit ID: 2255Maintain specialised earthmoving machines513
Unit ID: 2256Maintain specialised plant equipment512
Unit ID: 2257Maintain agriculture planting and harvesting machines512
Unit ID: 2258Maintain agriculture ground preparation implements510

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