All the unit standards listed below are required.

Unit No.Unit Standard TitleLevelCredits
Unit ID: 1990Use and maintain electrical and mechanical tools for vehicle collision repair34
Unit ID: 1991Dismantle and assemble vehicle body parts36
Unit ID: 1992Demonstrate knowledge of basic electrical and electronic circuits and components36
Unit ID: 1993Apply vehicle body filler36
Unit ID: 1994Repair minor dents on vehicle body310
Unit ID: 1995Apply basic glass fitment techniques36
Unit ID: 1996Perform metal cutting processes35
Unit ID: 1997Demonstrate knowledge of motor vehicle safety systems38
Unit ID: 1998Perform basic chassis repair312
Unit ID: 1999Apply panel bonding techniques38
Unit ID: 2010Conduct vehicle inspection44
Unit ID: 1983Apply filler primer38
Unit ID: 1984Polish painted panels38
Unit ID: 1985Apply masking and de-masking vehicle body parts37
Unit ID: 1986Demonstrate knowledge of spray painting34
Unit ID: 1987Prepare and finish vehicle body panels310
Unit ID: 1988Perform basic colour mixing and matching312
Unit ID: 1989Carry out basic spray painting312
Unit ID: 891Apply knowledge of basic mathematics in different context36
Unit ID: 894Apply knowledge of fundamental engineering science in different contexts36
Unit ID: 901Apply fundamental knowledge of engineering drawing in different contexts36

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