All the unit standards listed below are required.

Unit No.Unit Standard TitleLevelCredits
Unit ID: 1707Demonstrate the knowledge of Air conditioning and Refrigeration related science26
Unit ID: 1708Demonstrate knowledge of absorption Refrigeration System210
Unit ID: 568Communicate in an air conditioning and refrigeration mechanical work environment22
Unit ID: 571Demonstrate knowledge of refrigerants and basic refrigeration cycle26
Unit ID: 574Evacuate and charge Air conditioning and Refrigeration systems24
Unit ID: 575Apply basic oxy-acetylene welding techniques used in air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics25
Unit ID: 576Apply basic manual metal arc welding techniques used in air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics24
Unit ID: 577Draw and interpret electrical wiring as part of air conditioning and refrigeration operations26
Unit ID: 578Carry out domestic circuit wiring in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration22
Unit ID: 579Replace refrigeration system components210
Unit ID: 580Demonstrate knowledge of physics related to air conditioning and refrigeration26
Unit ID: 581Service air conditioners211
Unit ID: 584Apply knowledge of electrical and electronics principles in air conditioning and refrigeration26
Unit ID: 585Troubleshoot a domestic refrigerator22
Unit ID: 586Install of pipe work for Air – conditioning and Refrigeration systems28
Unit ID: 732Demonstrate knowledge of the requirements of entrepreneurs24
Unit ID: 890Apply knowledge of pre-basic mathematics indifferent context26
Unit ID: 893Apply knowledge of basic engineering science in different contexts26
Unit ID: 900Apply basic knowledge of engineering drawing in different contexts26

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