All the unit standards listed below are required.

Unit No.Unit Standard TitleLevelCredits
Unit ID: 1709Demonstrate knowledge of refrigerant management310
Unit ID: 582Maintain Air – conditioning and Refrigeration systems310
Unit ID: 583Service electrical household appliances as part of Air -conditioning and Refrigeration systems310
Unit ID: 587Carrying out electrical wiring for cold and freezer rooms311
Unit ID: 588Install refrigeration system control devices37
Unit ID: 589Carry out repair to commercial refrigeration systems38
Unit ID: 590Install air conditioning systems310
Unit ID: 591Service gas household appliance as part of air conditioning and refrigeration36
Unit ID: 592Rectify faults in appliance’s motors as part of air conditioning and refrigeration36
Unit ID: 593Diagnose and recondition air conditioning and refrigeration systems components35
Unit ID: 594Install and assemble commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems310
Unit ID: 490Install and service mobile vehicle air-conditioning system310
Unit ID: 844Provide general First Aid34
Unit ID: 846Ensure own actions reduce risk to health and safety33
Unit ID: 733Identify, create and select business opportunities35
Unit ID: 734Develop a business plan as part of business start-up activities312
Unit ID: 891Apply knowledge of basic mathematics in different context36
Unit ID: 894Apply knowledge of fundamental engineering science in different contexts36
Unit ID: 901Apply fundamental knowledge of engineering drawing in different contexts36

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