All the unit standards listed below are required.

Unit No.Unit Standard TitleLevelCredits
Unit ID: 2039Plan and organise work in Instrumentation and Control work environment12
Unit ID: 2040Apply and maintain safety rules in an Instrumentation and Control workplace environment26
Unit ID: 2041Use and maintain instrumentation hand tools24
Unit ID: 2042Use and maintain power tools and equipment24
Unit ID: 2043Demonstrate knowledge of basic electronic components and circuits23
Unit ID: 2044Demonstrate knowledge of level measurement22
Unit ID: 2045Demonstrate knowledge of pressure measurement22
Unit ID: 2046Demonstrate knowledge of temperature measurement22
Unit ID: 2047Demonstrate knowledge of flow measurement22
Unit ID: 2048Demonstrate knowledge of mass, weight and density measurement22
Unit ID: 2017Carry out soldering and de-soldering tasks22
Unit ID: 2086 Demonstrate an understanding of pneumatic and hydraulics principles315
Unit ID: 843 Provide Basic First Aid13
Unit ID:1155 Demonstrate basic awareness of HIV and AIDS16
Unit ID: 1156Apply fundamental computer literacy skills18
Unit ID: 1157Demonstrate basic knowledge of workplace health and safety17
Unit ID: 1150Apply basic reading skills in a workplace environment13
Unit ID: 1151 Interact with others in a workplace environment15
Unit ID: 1152Use workplace documents15
Unit ID: 1158
Apply basic entrepreneurship skills
Unit ID: 890Apply knowledge of pre-basic mathematics in different context26
Unit ID: 893Apply knowledge of basic engineering science in different contexts26
Unit ID: 900Apply basic knowledge of engineering drawing in different contexts26

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