Credits for all the unit standards listed below are required.

Unit No.Unit Standard TitleLevelCredits
Unit ID: 1818Carry out specialist laboratory tests315
Unit ID: 1820Handle primary and secondary sludge processes35
Unit ID: 1832Operate and maintain a sewage treatment works318
Unit ID: 1833Operate and maintain a sewerage system38
Unit ID: 1834Demonstrate control room operations38
Unit ID: 1823Construct a sewerage system310
Unit ID: 2147Plan, install, test and rectify instrumentation control and
automation equipment
Unit ID: 1825Construct and maintain a dry sanitation facility38
Unit ID: 1826Construct and maintain a small scale wet sanitation facility38
Unit ID: 1827Inspect a sanitation facility38
Unit ID: 1828Demonstrate customer relations for water supply and sanitation

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