All the unit standards listed below are required.

Unit No.Unit Standard TitleLevelCredits
Unit ID: 19Carry out reinforced concrete work38
Unit ID: 21Construct masonry arches38
Unit ID: 22Construct masonry curved walls34
Unit ID: 23Construct masonry stairs and steps34
Unit ID: 28Lay stone34
Unit ID: 29Lay wall and floor tiles34
Unit ID: 30Use machine tools, plants and equipment32
Unit ID: 32Plaster / render wall and ceiling areas38
Unit ID: 33Develop innovative ideas for the bricklaying workplace38
Unit ID: 1790Estimate construction costs35
Unit ID: 844Provide general First Aid34
Unit ID: 846Ensure own actions reduce risk to health and safety33
Unit ID: 847Demonstrate responsibility within the workplace to protect the environment35
Unit ID: 733Identify, create and select business opportunities35
Unit ID: 734Develop a business plan as part of business start-up activities312
Unit ID: 891Apply knowledge of basic mathematics in different context36
Unit ID: 898Apply knowledge fundamental building science in different context36
Unit ID: 904Apply fundamental knowledge of building drawing in different contexts36

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