All the outcomes of learning listed below are required.

Unit No: Unit Standard Title Level Credits
Unit ID: 1888 Maintain organisational stock levels 3 12
Unit ID:1889 Mark and display stock 2 8
Unit ID:1890 Create and maintain displays 3 10
Unit ID:1891 Implement promotional instructions 3 8
Unit ID:1892 Interact with customers 2 5
Unit ID:1896 Count stock for stock-take 2 5
Unit ID:1897 Implement loss control measures 3 5
Unit ID:846 Ensure own actions reduce risks to health
and safety
3 3

A minimum of 3 credits is required from of the following outcomes of learning.

Unit No: Unit Standard Title Level Credits
Unit ID:1893 Merchandise chillers and freezers 2 3
Unit ID:1894 Present a visual merchandising display 3 8
Unit ID:1895 Evaluate a visually merchandised display 3 10

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